A comparing chart of ALL buildings in both games will be displayed below. Please add the buildings to this wiki as Resort World in particular has alot of buildings. No other parameters will be added to this page other than the visual display of the buildings.

For more information about each building please go to each games respective Wiki page.

  • Resort Wold. Original game version for social networks. It has its own wiki


All buildings are in the list below. The list is in no particular order, and the buildings are not listed by their category they belong to*. Help us expand this wiki!

Name Paradise Island Name Resort World How it looks in Paradise Island How it looks in Resort World
Cabin Cabin
Cabin (1)
Gift Shop Gift Shop
GiftShop (1)
Sunny Center
Galaxy Restaurant
Bed and breakfast
Wild West Hotel
Business Center
Totem of Prosperity
Hotel Island
Cottage Cottage
Cottage (1)
Sweet Shop Does not exist Does not exist
Chokolate Castle Does not exist Does not exist

  • Since Resort World does not offer us access to their source files, we can assume the building pictures of Resort World would be screenshots. Try to catch the buildings as offers and not as screenshots among other buildings as it wont give us a nice overview of each one.